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BBB Better Business Bureau - BC Mainland PDCA Canada Council


"On behalf of the strata council, I wish to convey my appreciation for the excellent work done by Pacifica Painting this past summer in the painting of our 35-unit strata complex.

The crew showed up every morning at 8:30 AM sharp and worked long hours. During the course of the project, it was not uncommon to have other owners comment on the professionalism, efficiency, and courteous nature of the crew."

Mr. Gordon Tycho - Strata President
Laburnum Heights Strata, Vancouver

"Pacifica Painting recently provided The Vancouver Club with its outstanding service during our recent renovation project. The workmanship was excellent and I am extremely pleased with the final product.

I would not hesitate in the least to recommend Pacifica Painting to an organization or individual who is in search of a top-notch professional company to complete its painting/decorating needs."

Mr. Philip H. Ireland, General Manager
The Vancouver Club

"By way of this letter, I wish to commend Pacifica Painting Ltd. for their hard work on our building. Their team was a pleasure to work with and made the large task of repainting our eleven story Hi-Rise building seem effortless.

The job of recaulking all of our windows, repairing concrete areas that were decaying and the elastomeric paint application was executed in a very professional manner, on time and on budget. It was a job well done and I would definitely use Pacifica Painting Ltd. for any future painting and restoration work that we require."

Mrs. Lisa Davis, Property Manager - Residential Division
Commonwealth Holding Co. Ltd.

"The level of professionalism consistently met and exceeded my expectations and I was repeatedly impressed with the care and attention to detail, from the initial preparation to the finishing touches.

Your crew was always attentive, respectful, and patient in response to my requests for specific pieces of work. The Mountainside Lodge has many people coming and going on a consistent basis which made it all the more important for your crew to work in a neat and considerate manner."

Mr. David Ail, Managing Partner
Mountainside Lodge
Whistler, BC

"The Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel contracted Pacifica Painting during the renovation of our property. The scope of the work included the painting of all guest rooms and doors, painting of all public corridor areas (walls and ceilings) inside the hotel, vinyl wall covering application in lobby and meeting areas, and painting of ceilings and sections of our lobby.

I found Pacifica provided excellent workmanship, and completed projects with agreed upon timelines. I would recommend Pacifica Painting for painting services based on their work at this hotel."

Mr. Bill Lewis, General Manager
Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel

"I highly recommend Pacifica Painting as a commercial painting contractor. As the Strata President at 2190 W. 8th Ave in Vancouver, I had the opportunity to directly oversee the entire renovation process during the re-painting and re-staining of our three story, 22 unit apartment building.

From my experience, preparation of the work (cleaning, sanding, etc.), while vital to a quality job, is a common place for painting contractors to cut corners and is difficult work to closely supervise. The extent of work preparation done by Pacifica Painting on this project exceeded my expectations and even the specifications of their own proposal. This is probably why the quality of the job turned out so well."

Mr. Damon Kaller
Strata President

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